miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2019

Italo Disco Mix 2019

mixed by:Kobayashi 
Genero:Italo Disco
Hecho :Mèxico 

01.Dj Fantasy feat. Mayte-Historia de Amor (Alex Daal Mix)
02.Reik - Peligro (Gerson Tellez Remix )
03.Roldan Law feat.Selena Gomez - Love You Like A Love Song
04.Stylove feat.Vincent International – You Are Bambina 
05.Mirko Hirsch - Agent of Love (Mike Mareen Version)
05.D. White - Follow Me 
07.One to One - In the Morning Light
08.Atelier Folie - Leave Me Alone 

sábado, 23 de marzo de 2019

SpaceSynth mix

 mixed by: Kobayashi   
Calidad:320 kbps 
Hecho : Mèxico 
Año: 2019

01.Galactic Warriors - You And Me [Laserdance Cover]
02.Bellatrix - Interstation
03.Laser Machine - Immortal Masterpieces (Vocal Mix)
04.Vanello - Planet X-mas
05.Oblivion - Running On The Milky Way
06.Sonar Power - Crazy For Music
07.TDHDriver - Space Strike (Remix)
08.Prodomo FX -6dB
09.Synth Dimension - Light And Laser Impulses
10.Lost in Space ( Jimmy Camaro Video Space )
11.Galactic Warriors - Galaxy Empire
12.Star Orion -Michael Hornproof Remix
13.Polaris - Waiting (Future Synth & Polaris Space Remix)

lunes, 2 de julio de 2018

Italo Disco MIx 2018

mixed by:Kobayashi   
Genero:italo disco

01.Mike Mareenm – Here I Am 
02.Maltese – Mama
03.Astaire – Turn Me On Again
04.Den Harrow – Future Brain
05.Alan Ross – The Last Wall
06.Joe Yellow – Take My Heart
07.Max Coveri – One More Time
08.Blue Sunbeam – Dreaming

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2018

Spacesynth & Italo Disco mix

mixed by:Kobayashi   
Genero:Spacesynth ,Italo Disco 

1.Naoky - Gigolo 
02.Cyber Space - Special Love
03.N.I.W. - For Your Love
04.Michiel Van Der Kuy - Let Me Free (Vocal by Gina)
05.Brian Ice - Walking Away 
06.Marco Rochowski - A Star In Heaven (Vocal by Joy Peters
07.Tony Costa feat. Charly Danone - Go!
08.Tobias Bernstrup - Utopia 

viernes, 6 de abril de 2018


mixed by:Kobayashi   
Genero:Spacesynth,Synth pop

01.Synthesis - Secret energy
02.Galactic Warriors - The Abyss
03.Space Project - StarFighter
04.Laserdance - Skydiver
05.Synth Elements - Visitors From The Future
06.Digital Galaxy - Bright Future
07.Sandsea - Endless Nights
08.Synthetic Dream - Intergalactic Voyage
09.ZynapS - Sitting On The Moon
10.Heaven 42 - Space Holidays
11.Maks Backes - Journey into the unknown

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2018

Paul Parker Remix

mixed by:Kobayashi   
Genero: Italo disco
Hecho : Mèxico 
Año: 2018

01.One More Hurt
02.Just One More Touch
03.Somebody to Love
05.shattered dreams
06.Without Your Love
07.megatron man
08.with or without you
09.Time After Time
10.Shot In The Night
01.the man that fell to earth
12.ready or not
13.Don't Stop
14.out here in the night
15.Don't play with fire